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Western Red Cedar grows abundantly in the Pacific Northwest Coastal and Interior forests of British Columbia. The tree is one of the longest living species found in North America and is the most decay and insect-resistant of all the softwood species and is renowned for its naturally occurring resistance to moisture.

Western Red Cedar is light in weight, uniformly textured, straight grained and contains no resin. The beauty and excellent properties of Western Red Cedar has been acknowledged for centuries and the wood is held in high esteem by Canada�s First Nations people. For centuries First Nations have used Western Red Cedar to build canoes and lodges and to carve totem poles. The bark of this incredible wood was used for weaving, making rope and clothing.

In modern applications Western Red Cedar is an ideal wood to work with and is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. The rich warmth of cedar creates a welcoming atmosphere in an indoors setting, and is the product of choice for paneling, mouldings, and other interior applications. In an exterior setting Western Red Cedar is excellent for siding, fencing, paneling, roofing, soffits, sashes, doorframes and decking. Western Red Cedar is ideally suited for both architectural and structural applications. For detailed product information and photos, visit the product gallery at the Selkirk Cedar website.



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