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Downie Timber's Woodlands operations include the following topics:

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Welcome to the Downie Timber �Woodlands� home page! By practicing sustainable forestry our dedicated Woodlands team is responsible for managing and delivering approximately 183,467 cubic meters of logs annually from two Forest Licences to the Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar Sawmill located in Revelstoke, BC, Canada.

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An additional 350,000 cubic meters is purchased annually from other forest companies, the BC Timber Sales program and private landowners. Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar are also an industry partner (not a shareholder) with the City of Revelstoke (Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation (RCFC)), which through a negotiated timber removal agreement allows Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar to purchase 30% of RCFC�s annual harvest at cost.

We are committed to responsible stewardship and our forest management activities adhere or exceed the standards set by the British Columbia Forest Practices Code and Forest & Range Practices Act. Our Woodlands operations are currently certified to the ISO 14001 environmental management system (EMS) standard. Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar are family-owned businesses and we treat our forestry contractors and employees like family. We are committed to providing local employment and to the community of Revelstoke. We are proud to operate within the challenging BC Interior Wet Belt region.

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P.O. Box 800, 1621 Mill Street
Revelstoke BC, Canada V0E 2S0
Office: (250) 837-2222
Fax: (250) 837-2200
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