Timber Days in Revelstoke, BC
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In 1997 a group of companies, Bell Pole Co. Ltd., Tolko, Louisiana Pacific (Malakwa Div), Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation and Downie Timber Ltd. and Selkirk Cedar Ltd., formed a partnership and hired Debbie Sluggett of Tree Ed as their Forest Education Liaison. The group of companies wanted to increase knowledge and awareness of various forest issues within schools and the general public and to ensure that forest related materials used in the schools were up to date and factual.

Debbie Sluggett and her Okanagan counterpart Jeannie Steele have completed numerous projects over the last 8 years and have brought the focus of Forest Education to an all time high. Both Debbie & Jeannie have teaching background and this has enabled them to integrate various aspects of Forest Education into the school curriculum at every grade level.

Games Corner

Forest Renewal BC Activity Centre

Design and manage your own forest. Plant trees and watch them grow! Play forest warden. The goal is to sustain a healthy and renewable forest as a resource for the nearby human community.

Your goal is to make the most of our renewable forest resource by shipping high value wood products. The profit you make results in more jobs and a healthier economy.

*Courtesy of Forestry Renewal BC

With support from the above group of companies, teaching kits for grades 3, 5, 8 and 10 have been developed by Debbie and Jeannie and are available in each school in our district. Teachers have received training on delivery of teaching kits and the general feedback from teachers is that the kits are very user friendly and well laid-out. Teachers can also request that a forester assist them in delivery of materials if required. If you want to have more information on the teaching kits call Deb Sluggett @ 250-503-2477 or e-mail debsluggett@shaw.ca.

Beginning in 1999 Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar has presented a Forest Education display during Timber Days in Revelstoke. The display is focused on Forest Education with facts and fun for all ages and is manned by local foresters. Be sure to attend Timber Days every year in July!

Visit the forest education website at www.learnforestry.com to learn more about Forest Education initiatives.

Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar is committed to promoting forest education at all levels and welcomes requests from schools, teachers and the public. Call Marian @837-2222.







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