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Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar operates two Forest Licenses; one in the Revelstoke Timber Supply Area (TSA), the other in the Golden Timber Supply Area. The combined annual allowable cut of these licenses is 183,467 cubic meters. In addition to this volume, Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar purchases 350,000 cubic meters of volume from other forest companies (direct purchases and wood trades), through the B.C. Timber Sales Program and from private owners. Click here for more information and contact numbers on Log Sales and Purchases.

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As you can see from the operating area map, Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar’s area is largely on the west side of Lake Revelstoke in the Revelstoke TSA and on the north side of Kinbasket Lake in the Golden TSA. To access this timber supply, Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar operates six tug and barge units to take the logging trucks across the lake to Highway 23 north. Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar own and operate the largest fleet of privately owned tugs and barges on inland lakes in British Columbia!

Recently Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar completed the process to become certified in International Standard Organization (ISO) 14001: 1996 Environmental Management System (EMS). This involved extensive training of all our contractors and implementation of environmental policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). All our woodlands operations operate under ISO 14001 as well as the Forest Practices Code of B.C. Click here for more Environmental information.

Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar currently employs five main harvesting contractors, including three cable or high-lead (see video) operations, two ground based or crawler operations and one helicopter operation. Approximately 30% of the harvesting is done with ground based equipment, 15% is done with helicopter and 55% is done with cable systems. In the past eight years Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar have planned and implemented numerous partial cutting and caribou friendly patch cuts using ground based and helicopter harvesting methods. This type of cutting has been very successful in preserving the important forest values, while at the same time allowing timber extraction.

Downie Timber and Selkirk Cedar hire local harvesting contractors to conduct the harvesting operations in the forest license areas, and independent trucking companies to haul the timber to the mill yard in Revelstoke. All the wood delivered to the mill yard is unloaded with a Wagner grapple lift, which takes the whole load in one grapple. The loads are rough sorted into decks. Butt-N-Top loaders then work at sorting the decks into species, size and grade.


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