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Downie Timber, located in beautiful Revelstoke, British Columbia, operates in two Forest License areas; the Revelstoke TSA (timber supply area) and the Golden TSA. Both Revelstoke and Golden timber supply areas are located within the Interior Cedar Hemlock and Engelmann spruce-subalpine fir biogeoclimatic zones.  The land in these areas is comprised of rugged mountainous terrain.

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The Revelstoke TSA is located in the Columbia Mountains, with an annual allowable cut of 132,000 m3; whereas the Golden TSA is located in the Rocky Mountains, and has an annual allowable cut of 51,000 m3.   Both licenses are located within the Columbia Forest District (reference the operating area satellite image).

The forests we operate in are managed as a sustainable, renewable resource and all of our planning is conducted by the company’s professional foresters and registered technologists.  Our professional staff often work in conjunction with other resource specialists such biologists and professional engineers, as well as with government agencies such as the Ministry of Forests, Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management and the Ministry of Water Land and Air Protection.   All harvest levels in each timber supply area and forest tenure are established by the Chief Forester for the Ministry of Forests.  More information is available in the Timber Supply Review Section.

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At Downie, our overall plan is guided by two higher-level plans.  In the Revelstoke Timber Supply Area (which our Forest License A31102 is located in), a “Made in RevelstokeLand Use Plan was endorsed by the BC Provincial government in 2001. 

In the Golden Timber Supply area our plan is guided by the Kootenay-Boundary Land Use Plan.

Downie regularly consults with local interest groups, such as heli-ski companies, big game and guide outfitters, trappers, environmental organizations, Revelstoke snowmobile club, First Nations and many others. Public input has been incorporated into our approved 2001-2005 Forest Development Plans under the Forest Practices Code (FPC).  Public input into the planning process is welcome at any time. On January 31, 2004, the BC provincial government replaced the FPC with the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA), which will require Forest Stewardship Plans.




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